Ace Cozzalio

LTC Ace Cozzalio, 8/19/46 - 4/30/93
Military Assignments / Evaluations

Drafted to Army February 9th, 1966.

Trained in Armored
Attended Officers Candidate School
Trained as Helicopter Pilot

March 6 - October 24, 1967
Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course
Student’s academic achievement was above average.
He had a good attitude toward the course of instruction,
his fellow students, and his instructors.

Dec 11, 1967 - Jan 1, 1968
Troop D, 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry, 9th Infantry Division as Section Leader of the Aero Scout Platoon

Under combat conditions, Lt Cozzalio is quick to analyze the situation and to react without hesitation. In combat and during periods of protracted physical and mental stress, he always maintains his composure. As a Section Leader of the Aero Scout Platoon, his leadership and performance has been exceptional and truly exemplary. His qualities as a leader inspire confidence and loyalty in both his superiors and subordinates.


Jan 2 - Feb 9, 1968
106th Gen Hosp


Apr 10 - May 16, 1968
Aero Scout Section Leader

Lt Cozzalio, in combat situations, is quick to grasp the situation and to react boldly and without hesitation. As a Section Leader of the Aero Scout Platoon. he demonstrated completed adaptability to this unfamiliar field. Lt Cozzalio has been particularly instrumental in the development and application of combat tactics for the new OH-6A aircraft. In the area he has shown great imagination in utilizing the aircraft’s unique capabilities. Lt Cozzalio has repeatedly demonstrated exceptional ability in maintaining his section and aircraft, and procuring spare parts for another section on TDY. As Section Leader of the Aero Scout Platoon he has developed new tactics for the new OH6 observation helicopter now being employed in this unit. He has been instrumental in the training of new pilots and ensuring their high degree of proficiency. In addition to his normal duties he was given the project of construction 8 revetments for his aircraft using old oil drums and ammunition boxes he completed this project.


May 17 - Sep 13, 1968
Aero Scout Section Commander

Lt Cozzalio displays a rare degree of professionalism and has often displayed his courage and bravery under enemy fire. This officer has personally rescued other aviators from burning aircraft downed in enemy territory under adverse conditions that normal aviators would not attempt. His infectious pride in the cavalry commands confidence and respect from both the EM and officer personnel of this troop. He portrays fighting spirit, cool judgment, and combat leadership equaled by few officers.


Sep 14 - Dec 10, 1968
Section Commander Aero Scout

Lt Cozzalio continuously displays professionalism, courage, and fighting spirit under the most intense enemy fire. His interest and spirited drive in accomplishing the unit mission commands complete confidence and respect from the officers and enlisted men of this unit. His constant work in obtaining PIO coverage for the unit has greatly boosted morale and instilled his own infectious pride in the cavalry into every man assigned to this troop. 1Lt Cozzalio was acting platoon leader during this rating period. He worked hard at keeping his enlisted and officer personnel trained and maintained a high rate of aircraft availability. He displays the qualities of a well rounded officer. His indomitable spirit and personal bravery in combat have served as an inspiration to those with whom he served. Lt. Cozzalio maintained a high degree of proficiency as an aviator but first and foremost he is oriented to the mission at hand.


Dec 11 - May 29, 1969
(Captain) Commander Aero Weapons Platoon (Huey Cobra Helicopter)

CPT Cozzalio is a dynamic, aggressive and fearless combat leader. His performance of duty as the Aero Weapons (Huey Cobra) platoon commander has been exemplary. He has led his platoon heroically into heavy hostile contact with the enemy and has always played a decisive role in the final outcome of each engagement in which he participated. His forceful method of leadership has earned him the highest respect from all with whom he comes in contact. His subordinates follow his outstanding examples to the letter. CPT Cozzalio is continuously striving to perfect and improve his methods of tactical employment. His knowledge of Air Cavalry employment is unequaled by few officers of his grade and time in service. His outstanding personal example and infectious enthusiasm make him a highly qualified combat leader. For his grade and time in service, CPT Cozzalio has displayed a superior knowledge of combined arms tactics frequently controlling the ground elements of other units in enemy contact while still successfully employing his aero weapons platoon.


Jul 10, 1969 - Apr 9, 1970
Armor Officer Advanced Course at Ft. Knox, Kentucky

CPT Cozzalio performed far below his capability in the academic phase of the course. His attitude caused him to fail one of the six core examinations he has taken to date and to perform marginally in to others. CPT Cozzalio has stated to me that he feels no incentive to do better because only the top twenty percent of the class receive any recognition for their efforts. He would not seek or heed advice of others. He is not recommended for further schooling until such time as his attitude undergoes a drastic change for the better.


Apr 9 - Jul 23 1970
1st Squadron 4th Cav 1st Infantry Division Ft. Riley, Kanasas S-1 Officer Cavalry Officer

Captain Cozzalio has performed his duties as Squadron Adjutant in an outstanding manner. His ability to organize his section’s work load has enabled him to render timely and accurate reports. He is a category B aviator but has adopted a positive attitude towards his assignment which has made him a very definite asset to the Squadron. His personality coupled with his willingness to associate, has rendered invaluable assistance in the officer personnel procurement program of the Squadron. He has been able to cope with any situation that has confronted him with a calm methodical approach. He has displayed the same professionalism in the field as in the garrison. His organization and location of the command post sites has been excellent. CPT Cozzalio is an asset to this Squadron and the Officers Corps. I would welcome serving with him or officers like him in future assignments. CPT Cozzalio is a slender built Officer who is always well turned out. He seeks responsibility. works long hours to accomplish the tasks that are assigned to him, and takes pride in his accomplishments. His office was well organized and functioned properly. He quickly familiarized himself with the method of operation of the Squadron Headquarters and placed himself in a position to know the status of all personnel and administrative actions within this Squadron. He developed a suspense for military justice actions which displayed the status of all working cases. He initiated a program of inspections within the Squadron which has greatly improved the administrative activities of the Headquarters and in the four Troops. Captain Cozzalio has continued to participate in the volunteer off duty study program in an effort to attain the two year college evaluation from Department of the Army. I recommend that he be selected to participate in the degree completion program and that he be commissioned in the Regular Army.

Jul 24 - Jun 14 1971
Troop Commander Air Cavalry Troop (Troop D 4th Cav)

CPT Cozzalio is a very dynamic, irrepressible individual who constantly strives to improve both himself and his unit. He is confident of his ability. seeks additional responsibility and always tries his best. As a consequence. his Troop was selected to provide the 1st Infantry Division Honor Guard and Color Guard for parades and visiting dignitaries. Additionally, it was selected to provide a realistic Escape and Evasion program for the Division. It has been frequently commended for its outstanding performance in both these areas. The Troop successfully passed a Fifth Army Command Maintenance Management Inspection and received a superior rating in the Annual General Inspection. His Troop participated successfully in Exercise REFORGER 11. an exercise requiring an overseas deployment. receiving equipment from a storage site. participation in a Field Training Exercise, returning the equipment to the storage site, and redeploying to Fort Riley. It was acclaimed by the Inspector General as being the best looking unit he inspected on post in two years. It also accomplished many other missions successfully. to include supporting federal. state and local officials in Nebraska during flood relief operations. The successful accomplishment of the numerous missions assigned to this Troop in such a short period of time and with such a great turn-over of key personnel was attained only because of CPT Cozzalio’s exceptional ability and devotion to duty. He has undertaken a program to upgrade his educational level. He is completely devoted to his job and has tremendous drive. I highly recommend him for a Regular Army Commission and for the Degree Completion Program.

I concur with the comments of the rating officer. CPT Cozzalio has been an outstanding Troop Commander. He continually volunteered his Troop for difficult missions and was the happiest when he was involved in several projects at one time. He accomplished all tasks in an outstanding manner. During Exercise REFORGER 11. the aircraft used were not from a storage site as was the other equipment. but they were from other U.S. Army units assigned to USAREUR. Upon the conclusion of the exercise and the return of the equipment, these units all stated that the aircraft were returned in a better state of maintenance than when they were loaned to Captain Cozzalio’s Troop. His Troop was so successful in the flood relief operation in Nebraska. that the State Adjutant General came to Fort Riley to personally commend Captain Cozzalio and his troopers for their work. The Troop was rated as the best Troop in the Squadron during the Annual General Inspection. Captain Cozzalio continually improved the living conditions of his troopers. In spite of the fact Captain Cozzalio had many duties. he still managed to participate in the off duty education program. He has completed the requirements for the two year college level evaluation during this period. Captain Cozzalio is one of the most conscientious Officers that I have known and I would particularly enjoy serving with him in the future. He and his wife actively participate in community activities and social functions. I recommend that he be selected immediately following his command tour to participate in the degree completion program and that he be integrated into the Regular Army.


Jun 15 - Feb 3 1972
Troop Commander

CPT Cozzalio performed in an outstanding manner. He was one of the most mission oriented commanders I have ever observed. He was completely dedicated to training and employing his Troop in the most proficient manner possible and he had the detailed knowledge and aggressive attitude to accomplish it. He continually improved himself and his unit through study and adoption of the latest Air Cavalry concepts. His unit repeatedly passed detailed inspections of aviation operations, procedures, and maintenance with outstanding results. He gained his subordinates’ intense loyalty and they always supported him with their best efforts. CPT Cozzalio should be integrated into the Regular Army as soon as possible.

CPT Cozzalio is one of the most innovative officers I have observed. He pioneered efforts in Unit of Choice recruiting and community relations which were a major reason for the Squadron’s success in these areas. His Troop accomplished the division honor guard mission. support of the ROTC Summer Camp (3,636 sorties with no accident or incident) and the REFORGER 111 exercise in an outstanding manner despite personnel turbulence. I recommend him for Regular Army appointment and degree completion.


Mar 27 - Jun 9 1972
Aviation Safety Course, San Pedro, California


Jul 19 - Oct 15 1972
RW Section Leader Unit Avn Safety Officer 70th Aviation Detachment

CPT Cozzalio has performed his primary and additional duties in an outstanding manner. He initiated a training program whereby three members of his section achieved instrument proficiency resulting in the issuance of a standard instrument rating. His close Supervision and timely counsel of his section members as they performed the necessary training enabled them to qualify for this rating. CPT Cozzalio’s demonstrated outstanding performance of duty has contributed substantially to his unit’s ability to accomplish its assigned mission. He is an officer who can get the job done and is outstanding among his contemporaries. He is a proponent of the Army EOT and MVA programs.

CPT Cozzalio has contributed much time and effort into his job as RW Sec Ldr. He has helped develop an espirit-de-corps among his section members enabling them to far outperform the requirements of their job. CPT Cozzalio additionally served as Unit Avn Safety Officer for a period of 3 mos. During this period he has assisted in upgrading the overall program and has created an avid interest among all 70th Avn Det aviators. He is participating in the off- duty college education program. He should receive an opportunity to enter the degree completion program upon termination of this assignment.


Oct 16 1972 - Jan 16 1973
Special Services Officer, Thailand

CPT Cozzalio’s performance during this rating period has been outstanding. His boundless energy and aggressive approach to the challenging tasks which confronting him enabled him to successfully accomplish several major projects far in advance of their scheduled completion date in addition to accomplishing his normal duties with unparalleled skill. CPT Cozzalio established and maintained the highest standards for himself and his subordinates, and through his outstanding leadership, insured that there was no deviation from those standards. Although a hard charging officer, CPT Cozzalio never failed to display a deep understanding and concern for the welfare and needs of his personnel. As a consequence, the morale of the members of the Sp Svcs Br has never been higher. Of particular note during this rating period is the fact that, in spite of CPT Cozzalio’s heavy workload, he has found time to markedly enhance his knowledge of the Thai language through after duty study.


Jan 17 - Dec 10 1973
Rotary Wing Section Leader, Thailand

CPT Cozzalio’s performance of duty throughout the rated period has been outstanding. Assigned as the rotary wing section leader. this officers drive and vitality created a team that constantly strove for. and maintained only the highest levels of professionalism. CPT Cozzalio authored and directed a program of training for pilots of the Khmer Republic, utilizing minimum resources, that resulted in considerable upgrading of the Republic’s capability to conduct Heliborne Operations against a hostile force. In his capacity as unit safety officer, CPT Cozzalio has been enrolled in college courses to further his education and has been successful in the area. A thoroughly professional young officer, it has been a pleasure to serve with CPT Cozzalio, and I recommend early attendance at C&GSC.

I have observed CPT Cozzalio, his efficiency, attitude, and ability to lead his men has been of the highest caliber. His section exhibits an esprit far above all other sections in the detachment. CPT Cozzalio has also demonstrated his ability to coordinate with higher, lower, and adjacent commands while conducting training for pilots of the Khmer Republic. In addition, he instituted and implemented the detachment safety program. which has proven to be extremely effective. This officer is advancing his civil education by attending night school. U recommend his earliest possible attendance at Command and General Stall College.


Dec 11 1973 - May 20, 1974
Rotary Wing Section Leader/ Safety Officer

Captain Cozzalio’s rotary wing section is, without exception, the most aggressive, responsive and effective section in the 70th Avn Det. The morale is the highest and the positive attitude displayed by the section is second to none. Thru personal liaison he coordinated flight support for the US Army Special Forces to include STABO rig training, repelling, and parachute jumping. He has an ongoing program with the Royal Thai Police in which he is instruction them in instrument flight procedures. He recently returned from Cambodia where he and a team inspected a fleet of helicopters to determine their airworthiness. In addition, he has prepared a plan for DA approval which will result in the complete overhaul of the Cambodian helicopter fleet. As the Unit Safety Officer he constantly stays abreast of all safety requirements and assures the standardization board meets regularly and produces tangible results. This officer is, without exception, the most loyal, aggressive and responsive officer I have had the pleasure of working with. He has a rare combination of qualities that will enable him to reach General Officers rank. Recommend he be immediately promoted and selected for CGSC.

CPT Cozzalio is indeed an aggressive and outstandingly effective leader. He is extremely personable, highly articulate and totally dedicated to the Army, Army aviation and his unit. The outstanding spirit, esprit and professional excellence that the 70th Aviation Detachment displays can be attributed to a significant degree, to CPT Cozzalio. Concur in accelerated promotion and immediate selection for C&GSC.


May 21 1974 - Aug 18 1975
Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas

Captain Cozzalio has performed exceedingly well as a student at Sul Ross State University. His grade point average is 3.8 out of 4.0, or a very high B average, which is well above average for this institution. The entire Business Administration faculty has been impressed with his leadership both within and without the classroom.

Captain Cozzalio will receive his Bachelor of Business Administration degree this August and we hope he will continue his education by pursuing a graduate degree as he is an excellent scholar. His scholarship and leadership was recognized by the Business Administration faculty as evidenced by their selecting him to receive a Continental Oil Co. scholarship. Captain Cozzalio was also honored by being elected president of the Business and Economics Association.

Capt. Cozzalio was one of the best all-around students with whom I have ever had the privilege of being associated during my career as a university professor. He was not only as excellent student, but an excellent leader. He was elected President of the Business and Economics Club where he developed a weekly television program, a monthly horse playday, and car rally. He was also active in community affairs.
I would hope that Captain Cozzalio would continue his education. In my opinion he is capable of both masters and doctoral work.


Aug 16 1975 - May 4 1976
Area Commander New Haven District Recruiting Command Providence, RI w/ dy Springfield, Massachusetts

CPT Cozzalio is an outstanding officer with tremendous Leadership qualities that allows him to get the absolute maximum support from the men under him. He has aggressively assumed command of his area perusing all aspects of his recruiting responsibility. His initiative in the assistance of the local Reserve recruiting program has been outstanding. His area has reached a historic high in quality and quantity of Army recruiters. He continues to excel regardless of the obstacles. CPT Cozzalio is highly innovative and functions best when the challenge is greatest. Without a doubt, CPT Cozzalio is the best young officer I’ve ever had to work for me. He should be promoted to Major at the earliest opportunity and selected for C&GS ahead of contemporaries. He should function well in jobs of greater responsibility. He’s a good thinker and highly capable of independent judgment.

This truly outstanding young officer is a commander. His ability to anticipate problems, provide solutions, maintain the highest degree of loyalty and morale while accomplishing one of the toughest available for a captain is remarkable. No detail is too small, no degree of planning too insignificant to escape his scrutiny in driving toward mission accomp. His single minded goal is to excel, be the best, and to insure that his people work to a level higher than even they expected and are rewarded accordingly. This is the type & caliber young off the Army needs in responsible cmd positions. Should be promoted immed & con for C&GS & sr svc coll well ahead of his contemporaries.


Apr 5 1976 - May 31 1976
Springfield Area Commander Recruiting

Few positions in the Army, short of combat, place greater and more demands on the leadership and managerial abilities of a young officer than command of a recruiting are. CPT Cozzalio met those demands and has failed to respond with anything less than maximum personal effort. Although his area has met temporary setbacks, I look at these as somewhat inherent in recruiting. CPT Cozzalio has acted as would any superb commander - delving for solutions, subjecting all aspects of his operations and policies to examination, but never losing his positiveness. candor, confidence and, above all, his supreme loyalty to his subordinates and a desire to accomplish his duties. He is a selfless, inspirational and devoted young officer who learns as much from his mistakes as from his successes. I consider he has few equals among his contemporaries and would recommend early selection to AFSC or CGSC to develop his staff procedures and knowledge to a level equal with his leadership ability.

This is my second report this officer and I am even more impressed than before. In adversity the man is a giant. He is positive, searching, analytical, mission oriented. Dedicated to the Army and his people, he represents both in the knowledgeable and compassionate way that evokes pride from those with whom he contacts. This officer is a commander! He should be promoted now. The comments of the rater are most appropriated-- he gives 110% of his time, attention, and effort to mission accomplishment. No excuses, no pulling back, only a positive, sincere, selfless effort to motivate his people and do his job. Should be assgd C&GSC summer of ‘77 & earmarked for cmd assignments of magnitude.


Nov 8 1976 - Aug 24 1977
Springfield Area Commander Recruiting

As an Outstanding leader of men, MAJ Cozzalio manifested a high degree of proficiency in the multifarious areas for which a commander is responsible. He developed his subordinates into a solid, effective, productive recruiting team. Definitely mission oriented, he nevertheless managed his own time most efficiently to allow for the necessary attention required for resource management and administrative chores. He has demonstrated a superb talent for innovation and developed outstanding personal rapport with the civilian community. An effective counselor, he took concrete action to improve the performance of his recruiters. His command was selected as the top area within the district during the AGI, a tribute, certainly, to his dedicated leadership. Strongly urge his selection for C&GSC level schooling soonest.


Aug 25 1977 - Aug 24 1978
Major - 501st Aviation Battalion 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division (Katterbach, Germany) Battalion S-3 Planning, Supervising, Directing Battalion Tactical Operations and Training

Displays exuberance and initiative in accomplishing assigned tasks. Imaginatively exploited maximum use of non-divisional CH-47 helicopter assets during battalion ARTEP support. Developed innovative aerial gunnery program that is fully integrated into ground scheme of maneuver and capitalizes on attack helicopter firepower to greatest extent possible. Made significant contribution to understanding of attack helicopter employment in armored division by presenting a series of briefings to all maneuver battalions. Enthusiastically presents new ideas and recommendations for accomplishing the mission. Recommend promotion and immediate selection for Command and General Staff College.

The most enthusiastic officer I have ever served with. Fiercely loyal to subordinates as well as the unit. He is a strong salesman for Army aviation and specifically attack helicopters. Made significant contributions to the entire division by developing and presenting aviation capability and employment briefing to all major subordinate commands. Developed a battalion standardization section which has enhanced unit as well as individual combat potential. Major Cozzalio should be selected for promotion and attendance at Command and General Staff level schooling.


Aug 25 1978 - Feb 22 1979
Major - 501st Aviation Battalion 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division (Katterbach, Germany) Battalion S-3 Planning, Supervising, Directing Battalion Tactical Operations and Training

An aggressive, determined officer; performance has been superb. Demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm and ingenuity while accomplishing assigned tasks. Excels in the field environment; displayed outstanding initiative in tactical planning and execution during two REFORGER’s and numerous field exercises. Projects a positive can-do attitude; instilled subordinates with a sense of pride in their job performance. Has potential to contribute in positions of greater responsibility. Promote ahead of contemporaries and select for Command and General Staff College now.

MAJ Cozzalio is a dynamic leader who motivates people with his unlimited enthusiasm. He was the focal point for planning the deployment, operational commitments, and recovery for two major REFORGER exercises in five months. He has been an avid salesman of combat aviation not only in the division, but throughout V11 Corps and USAREUR. His personal coordination has insured aviation interoperability training with assault and medium lift helicopter companies USAREUR wide. MAJ Cozzalio should be integrated into the Regular Army and selected for attendance at command and general staff level schooling.


Feb 23 1979 - July 29 1979
Major - 501st Aviation Combat Battalion, 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division (Katterbach, Germany). Commander Company B Attack

He does everything that his subordinates must do - and does it better. A truly outstanding commander, no job is too tough for him or his unit - and his men believe that too. He proved himself capable on the ground as well as in the air role. A leader with charisma, he clearly should go to CGSC and be selected soonest for 05. Major General George Otis USA Commanding.

Major Cozzalio is a dedicated, hard-working. enthusiastic officer who has been an outstanding commander. Under his guidance. his unit performed in as impressive manner during a recent USAREUR AORSE and FY 79 AGI. The reenlistment rate in his unit is 362% of the objective for 3d Qtr., FY 79. His unit has a flawless safety record. His unit planned, coordinated, and supervised a combined arms live fire range at Hohenfels training area that has significantly enhanced combat readiness of all ground maneuver battalions in the division. He motivates by personal example and has made a marked improvement in morale and esprit de corps in the unit. Promote no and select for command and general staff level schooling.


July 30 1979 - Oct 31 1979 Major - 501st Aviation Combat Battalion, 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division (Katterbach, Germany), Commander Company B Attack
Spectacular performance. In excess of 100%. Best Attack Helicopter company commander in Europe if no the Army! Exciting, dynamic, aggressive, innovative and smart. Boundless enthusiasm. Flabbergasts those who aren’t quite as quick. I like his style - others do too, including the allies. A commander’s commander! He makes things happen. Better at his job than any I have seen! A warrior. My pick over all the others to prepare a unit and command it in combat. When the time comes. B Attack will kill tanks by the gross. Feeds on challenges. Handles them with ease. One of the Army’s and aviation’s most gifted officers. Destined to do great things! Give him the opportunity! C&GSC now! Accelerate for promotion and select for battalion command soonest - he is more than ready for both!

Promote below the zone and select for Battalion Command. Tops in all departments, articulate, aggressive, forceful commander, highly qualified technically and tactically. Very solid under pressure, sound judgment, a commander type, sets an example of excellence fir his soldiers, and selfless - abiding concern for the welfare of his soldiers and their families. Outstanding capacity and potential for long term service in senior leadership positions.


Nov 1 1979 - Jun 15 1980
Major - 501st Aviation Combat Battalion 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division (Katterbach, Germany) Commander Company B Attack

MAJ Cozzalio has continued to live up to his previous billing as one of the Army’s premiers commanders. During his tenure he forged, tempered and honed B Attack into a superbly trained, combat ready organization with fantastic morale. He achieved this through a program aimed at developing leadership skill at all levels - EM - NCO - Warrant and Commissioned Officer. To make it happen required detailed advance planning, decentralized execution, timely coaching, counseling, patience and resilience. Although there have been set backs, there were inevitable in light of an experience drain coincident with severe personal turbulence and a general lack of quality NCO’s. To his credit Major Cozzalio decided to press on. Once again the fruit of his labor is beginning to blossom. Recent successes include satisfactory completion of an Aviation Operational Readiness and Safety Evaluation, an almost flawless ARTEP performance, improved equipment and material readiness and increased supply accountability. Major Cozzalio had established one of the most active and successful partnership programs of any units in Europe. He is widely respected in all circles as a man of action and a Soldier of the finest tradition. There is no doubt that in event of war his company would be the first one I would commit. His success would guarantee that of all my commanders.

Major Cozzalio is one of the Army’s very best Soldiers, Commanders and trainers. It’s about time he got recognition he deserves. Leavenworth selection is a step in the right direction. No other Attack company commander possesses the knowledge, wherewithal or plain guts to excel as a combat commander more than he does. Major Cozzalio is a warrior. As such he should be assigned to positions where he can command, develop doctrine and train others.

Major Cozzalio epitomizes the personal values and professional ethics associated with the Service to his soldiers, his unit, the Army and his country. 1-8, he is outstanding in all.


Jun 1980 - Jun 1981
Command General Staff College, Ft. Levenworth, Kansas

During his attendance at USACGSC, Major Cozzalio has consistently distinguished himself by his catching enthusiasm, initiative, and dedication to insuring that school objectives are met. Consistently, during tactics presentations, Major Cozzalio has inspired the cooperation of his work group and has delivered well-thought-out presentations of a superior quality. During a CPX, where Major Cozzalio’s skills were officially recognized by the faculty appointing him to a key leadership position, this innovative officer assessed the situation, inspired productive cooperation from his subordinate staffs and commanders, and demonstrated an infectious enthusiasm. All of these attributes will be of continued value to the US Army in future years. This demonstrated initiative and leadership skill was typical of Major Cozzalio. Recommend positions of leadership and further professional education to capitalize on this unique officer’s capabilities.


Jun 6 1981 - Jun 5 1982
Lt Colonel HQ ROTC, Sr. Program, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg Mississippi

This superb officer stands out among outstanding officers. He is exceptionally aggressive in all his endeavors, is extremely discerning and thorough and can always be depended upon to perform an outstanding job. He is a true professional and his modus operandi proves this true every day. Examples of his leadership, management and meticulous attention to detail for the school year ate increased enrollment from 927 to 1559. scholarship applicants increased from 11 to 34, attendance at basic camp increased from 9 to 33 plus the detachment passed the AFI with no major deficiencies and ten commendable areas; all are all-time highs since 1968. As Director of Instruction, his dynamic leadership assured that high quality instruction, focused on both the needs and interests of the cadets, was provided to over fifteen hundred cadets by establishment of AROTC at William Carey College (a four-year institution) starting in the fall of 1982. Major Ace Cozzalio develops his own goals that exceed mine and he works without supervision. He is the big gun in the detachment and I rate him 100 percent across the dimensions of abilities. He has represented this detachment in a manner which leaves nothing to be desired.

Major Cozzalio’s potential is unlimited. He is better than most senior LTC’s now and he has that degree of toughness required to command. Upon completion of battalion command, he should attend a senior service college immediately to capitalize upon his abilities. Early promotion to all future grades is absolutely warranted.


Jun 6 1982 - Jun 5 1983
Lt Colonel HQ ROTC, Sr. Program, University of Southern University Hattiesburg Mississippi

LTC Cozzalio has set an outstanding example of the professional officer and gentleman. His actions exemplify the soldierly attributes we endeavor to demonstrate to the academic world, civilian community, and future officers. This officer’s contributions are singularly outstanding: 1) increased enrollment from 1608 to 2053, a 28 percent increase, which elevated the detachment to number one in the nation in enrollment; 2) increased scholarship applicants from 11 to 34, a 209 percent increase; 3) increased basic camp applicants from 19 to 52, a 173 percent increase; 4) all MS 111 cadets (67) were contracted by 30 Oct 82 with no cadet on conditional status, a singular accomplishment of the 68 host institutions in Third Region; 5) organized an FTX for cadets from four universities. Particularly pertinent to his performance was his dominant role in the initiation, planning, supervision, and actual work in the establishment of an Equestrian Center for the university. President Lucas stated that this low-cost project could not have been constructed without the expertise and help of LTC Cozzalio. Additionally, he researched and planned the establishment of a program at Jackson Jr College and supervised the recruiting effort which produced 144 new cadets. A superb performance. LTC Cozzalio is my right hand and the detachment will continue to improve under his leadership and guidance. In every area, his performance has been exemplary.

LTC Cozzalio’s potential is unlimited. He has the characteristics to excel at all levels of command or staff. He has the expertise and maturity to command a battalion now. He most definitely should be promoted ahead of contemporaries and selected for attendance at SSC as soon as he is eligible.


June 6 1983 - Apr 28 1984
Lt Colonel HQ ROTC, Sr. Program, University of Southern University Hattiesburg Mississippi

Truly outstanding performance. LTC Cozzalio has four qualities that are rarely seen in any officer to the extent that he exhibits; one, constantly thinks and plans ahead on every facet of our activities; two, endeavors to find a solution to problems on his own; third, is never idle, but constantly finds things to do to relieve me of details; and forth, gives completely of his time to all facets of our program---most unique traits. He has made this detachment the best in Third Region. A talented leader, he knows how to incite subordinates to excel and has developed a competent and effective chain of command that has made a significant contribution to the overall success of the program. In this environment, LTC Cozzalio initiated and completed an equestrian center for the university. Directed the detachment’s rise to number one in the nation in enrollment (2199). Increased scholarship applicants to 42 and basic camp applicants to 52. Originated a plan which increased MS111’s to a historical high (91) in spring 1984. His selfless commitment to the 1984 Command Inspection resulted in only 4 of 122 items requiring correction. A superb performance. He can and does it all.

LTC Cozzalio has unlimited potential and would function equally well in command or staff positions at the highest levels. He should be programmed to attend the War College at the earliest possible time. Fully capable of operating as a colonel now.


Apr 29 1984 - Apr 28 1985
Lieutenant Colonel, Commander 4th Aviation Training Battalion, Ft Rucker, Alabama

LTC Cozzalio is an outstanding battalion commander in all respects and is one of the finest trainers I have ever served with. Under his leadership, the battalion has significantly expanded combat skills training for AIT soldiers and reports from field commanders verify that we are providing a better trained aviation soldier. His enthusiasm is contagious and he is a fierce competitor who instills the winning spirit in his soldiers. He has been a driving force in planning, execution, and continuing to improve a five-day field training exercise for AIT soldiers. He sets high standards, then trains his soldiers to attain and exceed those standards. All measurable command indicators have shown improvement since he assumed command. He is tactically and technically qualified to command a combat aviation battalion, but in my opinion, he is making a far greater contribution to the entire Army as the commander of an aviation training battalion.

LTC Cozzalio will be an outstanding Colonel and should be selected for command of a Combat Aviation Brigade. Send to SSC in FY 87. Should work the Army Training Program on the Department of the Army staff. Colonel Lynn Hooper.

LTC Cozzalio has performed superbly. I have never observed more initiative, enthusiasm, selflessness and professionalism. By any standard he is the most outstanding of our battalion commanders. His stated objective upon assumption of command was to provide field units with outstanding replacements who were trained, conditioned, and motivated to fight on the day they arrive. He had far exceeded my greatest expectations. LTC Cozzalio clearly possesses those rare qualities of professional judgment, leadership and dedication found only in our finest general officers. Select for Senior Service College and Brigade Command. Colonel James Kitterman.

LTC Cozzalio is clearly a master of his trade. No portion of his command is too obscure to avoid his careful examination. As a result, his battalion produces the best of everything; best soldiers, best mess hall, vest training, etc. His personal commitment towards excellence and his unqualified investment of time, talent and energy serve as the leadership example for all to follow. He is a combined arms soldier who understands how to fight Army Aviation. No doubt he will acquit himself will on tomorrow’s battlefields. His greatest potential resides in commanding soldiers. As a result, he sill do well in all other assignments which demand leadership skill, literary ability, and professional expertise. Brigadier General Rudolph Ostovich III.


Apr 29 1985 - Apr 28 1986
Lieutenant Colonel, Commander 4th Aviation Training Battalion, Ft. Rucker, Alabama

A truly outstanding battalion commander. Everything LTC Cozzalio did was successful. He consistently initiated meaningful and innovative training for the Army’s aviation soldiers-- quarterly rear battle oriented FTX’s, monthly air assault orientations and operations, constant common task reinforcement and testing---complimenting the Aviation Center’s technical skill training. High soldier morale, readiness, and visible esprit clearly reflect LTC Cozzalio’s dynamic leadership style and effectiveness. His success as a leader is reflected in our aviation soldiers’ abilities to live and train in the field as infantrymen, by their ability to march professionally and do the manual of arms expertly during numerous installation reviews, and by the energetic accomplishment of each support requirement. In addition to training and leadership, common task testing, property accountability, and safety. The battalion trained thousands and had no serious training accident. Additional missions and challenges, regardless of subject of magnitude, were always accepted, planned, and executed in an enviable manner. LTC Cozzalio’s positive, warrior-like and soldierly attitude permeated his command. He is the best trainer and commander in the Brigade. Colonel Terry Rosser

Select LTC Cozzalio for senior service college immediately, promote to colonel early, and ensure he commands a combat aviation brigade at the earliest opportunity. Brigadier General John Robinson
LTC Ace Cozzalio is an innovative, spirited, soldier-oriented leader who inspires confidence and makes things happen; intelligent, erudite, proactive, and possesses uncommon zeal for his profession; a superb trainer; soldiers clamor to follow his lead evidenced by their participation in the “Smart Troop” program - superiors respect and admire his competence; an outstanding battalion commander with clear potential well beyond his peers; select for SSC in FY 87, promote early, and permit this fine leader to command a brigade.

Clearly the best battalion commander on post; quite possibly in the entire Army. No wonder his battalion was judged by HQ TRADOC as the best training battalion in the Army. To say he is outstanding in leadership and professional skill does not do justice to his demonstrated performance or potential. He inspires his soldiers to be all they can be. A leader of extraordinary capacity; the perfect soldier role model. Physically fit, technically competent, sincerely committed to the welfare of his soldiers -- a warrior. Should be in command of an aviation brigade today. Select for SSC soonest so that he can rapidly achieve greater positions of responsibility. A future senior leader of our Army. Brigadier General Rudolph Ostovich III