Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, Siskiyou County, California
Hot LZ Wall
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Hot LZ Memorial Wall

Every Memorial and Veterans Days, the names of U.S. & Allied veterans are added to the granite clad “Hot LZ Memorial Wall".

The Hot LZ helicopter sculpture perched atop the Wall, was brought to life by the dreams of Jim Leach, and artistry of Dennis Smith.

  Hot LZ Wall

In the middle of the Wall, a bronze plaque honors LTC Ace Cozzalio, a decorated helicopter pilot, and a founding member of the LMSG.

Lieutenant Colonel Ace Alan Cozzalio, U.S. Army

On May 5,1993, a Memorial Service was held for LTC Cozzalio at the LMSG. After the service many dollars were given in his memory. These donations enabled planning the Hot LZ Wall.

The Wall was designed and constructed by a team lead by Jim Leach, with the helicopters created by Dennis Smith. The Hot LZ Wall was dedicated on May 30,1994. The LMSG Board at that time: Jim Leach, Roger Kosel, Carolee Layton, Paul Leskowitz, Gordon Dunlap and Gene Breceda.




There are three sectors to the Hot LZ Wall.

Below is a view of Sector 1,
which is composed of 24 columns,
each designated A through X.

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Hot LZ Wall



The Hot LZ Wall